The Gathering Podcast

Sermons from The Gathering, a local church in East Moline, IL.

Episodes Date

7/28/19 - Great Books Rarely Opened - Amos Dwayne Brothers opens a new series with insights from one of the Minor Prophets, the book of Amos.
July 28, 2019
Dave Hodge continues our series by looking at the book of Malachi.  
August 4, 2019
This message by Dwayne Brothers comes from the book of Habakkuk.  
August 11, 2019
8/15/19 - Pastor Dwayne Brothers shares from the book of Jonah. 
August 18, 2019
8/25/2019 - Community Voice Weekend.  Dwayne Brothers, Lindsey Thomas, and David Hodge discuss themes found in the books of Amos, Malachi, Habakkuk, and Jonah.  
August 25, 2019
9/8/2019 Community Voice Weekend.  Pastor Dwayne Brothers and Austin Thomas discuss topics from the book of Philemon.  
September 8, 2019
Dwayne Brothers continues this series with teaching from 2 & 3 John.  
September 15, 2019
Community Voice Weekend - Pastor Dwayne, Marisa McClain, and Patrick Joslyn discuss pratical insights from the books of 2 & 3 John.
September 22, 2019
Pastor Kathy Brothers shares about the importance of caring for our souls, especially by guarding against those things that drain us spiritually.  
September 29, 2019
Pastor Staci Fuller speaks on the the story of Jesus and Lazarus
October 6, 2019

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